In the final stage of logo development, it was requested to provide specific color & naming combinations. The effortlessness of the icon design & movement allows it to work equally yet individually well in all varieties. For product label & box layouts the product name was added to the design with a modified bold script font.

The correct company brand name replaced the product name in updating the design concepts using Op1 as the catalyst with traditional bold serf font options that I suggested would balance out the movement of the “skewer” design element.

For the 1st round of design concepts I created, at the clients request, options that incorporated "skewers”. With a clear idea of how I wanted to showcase the look of “skewers” I offered the brand name in optional placements, font style and weights. There was a miscommunication as to what the brand name was vs. the product name.

This is "Ari the Octopus" the new brand icon/logo for my client R.A.L. Phillips who along w/ 3 other women are launching "The Octopus's Garden" - A company whose goal/purpose/objective is to aid girls in impoverished areas such as Haiti, Antigua and other international areas.

While open to the style and design options she did request a Purple to Turquoise color scheme - As the logo design was developing it occurred to me that the brand name required a tagline to better identify to consumers who/what/why of what the company is about in a single statement that was jointly conceived with the aid of R.A.L. Phillip.

Greyscale and single color final design variations of approved new "The Octopus's Gardens - Loving arms building brighter futures" brand image.

Original logo design concepts for new company "The Octopus's Garden". While developing the brand icon I recommend the inclusion of a supportive tagline that was refined as client selected design direction was refined. 

Approved logo design direction for 21st Century Chemicals sub-division product line "Future Chemical. 

It was important to company owner that the final logo design be similar in font usage selection and graphic element. It implement those wishes all logo design options incorporated bold clean font options and a simple cool color gradient.

Color variations of approved logo design direction for "Future Chemical" new brand logo.

Black and white logo design options for "Future Chemical" - A sub-division of 21st Century Chemicals.

Rainy Day Toys, an American manufacturer of wooden toys wanted a brand identity that represented their traditional values and belief that children's toys should be education and entertainment for preschool age children.

Inspired by their belief system I conceptualized a brand logo the utilized primary colors that studies have shown young children naturally respond to with memory images of a toy wooden horse on while with a simple umbrella to shield him/her from the rain. 

Inspired by the RDT’s product line and mission to educate pre-school age children with interactive wooden toys their brand image was expanded to include 2 alternative designs that would offer the client a range of usage options.

Visit to view the full brand style guide.

Original logo design concepts for toy manufacture "Rainy Day Toys". The original design concepts took a more literal direction with brand color palette incorporated within the brand name. In the reviewing the submitted design concepts it was agreed that the font should reflect a youthful appeal while being easier to read so the font was changed and color palette was limited to a single color. The raindrops and umbrella under panels were eliminated to enable greater brand usage and the framed option resized to accentuate the final design. 

Additional Client Projects

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