Since my first art class in the 4th grade I instinctually knew that my professional path was meant to be in a creative industry. Discovering graphic design, while studying Interior Design, when a dedicated school course councilor tracked me down to inform me that I had not been meeting my elective requirements. Together we skimmed the elective list, for what I then called, a throw away course, only to discover that the then called “Computer Art” would change my life entirely. 
For the next several years I enrolled in various creative degree programs in search of an avenue to study “Computer Art” as a career path. Fortuitously, I found what I was searching for one rainy day while vacationing in Florida. A promotional ad for The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Associates Degree in Visual Communication. I enrolled the next day, returned home to NJ, packaged my things and moved to South Florida without a second thought. 
Early in my educational and professional career I discovered I had an instinct for the Adobe creative software programs, an innate sense of color and an eye for layout design. Over the years my skills for creating brand ID’s and corporate packages, designing print promotional materials such as brochures in a range of styles, postcard mailers, ads of varying sizes, product package and label designs, catalogs, outdoors advertising and multi-page corporate documents have sharpened.
Recreationally, I explored my passion for art with the 3D software Bryce to create contemporary abstract and futuristic landscapes. Many of my artworks have been showcased in local galleries and art competitions for which I have earned several original art awards and a modest following of digital arts enthusiasts.
After over a decade of working within the graphic design field for boutique design agencies, in-house for corporate employers and remotely for nationally based companies, I decided to fulfill a lifelong objective of earning a Masters’ Degree in design by enrolling into Full Sail University’s online programs. Starting in their Bachelors’ of Science in Graphic Design program in 2011, then their Masters of Fine Arts in New Media Design 2016. Earning the Salutatorian Recipient Award and Course Director Awards and for both programs.
Through my extended education degrees, I discovered a genuine interest in motion graphic and film editing that I continue to improve.
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