Single panel conference show display  panel for BBS-Attorneys at Law. In developing the design concept it was important that the panel feel contemporary and reflective of the diverse Tri-City clientele base. Unable to find a cultural diverse image that fit visually into the approved design layout it was requested that the cultural make up of 1 of the 2 showcased "hands" be altered to reflect their objective. 

Initial trade show display panel design options submitted to the BBS-Law office for consideration. Of the 3 options submitted they felt the first design concept was in keeping with the design direction they wish to migrate to but felt the showcased hands did not represent the diversity of their office staff or clientele. 

After an in depth search of stock image options that would work within BBS-Law office desired design direction and showcase the diversity important to them they requested that I modify the ethnicity of the male or female hand in this image. Using nondestructive Selective Color and Photo filter Photoshop filters I altered the ethnic appearance of the male hand. 

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